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Mills College Health and Wellness Fair 2011

The Health and Wellness Fair kicked off at 11 a.m. All photos by Jen Ramos and Priscilla Yuki Wilson.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, Mills hosted its annual Health and Wellness Fair. The Division of Student Life, Public Safety, the Sustainability Center, and Housing Management and Dining Services joined forces to bring together Mills College’s and Oakland’s local services. Students were able to receive free acupuncture, complementary massages, free flu shots, blood pressure and other screenings. Representatives from local community centers and programs for mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, nutritional, sexual, and environmental health were there to provide students with information about their respective programs. Some programs specifically pertained to people of color, families, people with disabilities, LGBTQ and staff and faculty members. For more information about the services available at Mills and in Oakland, contact the Cowell Building at 510-430-2130.

Asha Richardson (Right) and her friend walk around the fair to gather information.
Representatives of the Oakland’s Interfaith Counseling Center sharing their myriad of services.
Esther Honig, a senior, gets acupunture frequently but takes advantage of a free session.


Environmental Health with Sustainability Center’s Britta Bullard offer advice for a healthy planet.