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Meet Your Student Government Candidates for ASMC

A Campanil illustration.
A Campanil illustration.

It’s time to vote for your student government! The executive board candidates will be speaking at 12:15 p.m. in Adams Plaza on Wednesday, April 10. Voting will take place April 11 to April 13.

All images have been submitted to The Campanil by the candidates.

Meghan Hinsch

Name: Meghan Hinsch
Year: 2014
Major: Research Psychology, Infant Mental Health Track
Current Position: ASMC Judicial Chair
Running for: ASMC President

I believe that belonging to a team, whether competitively, recreationally, or professionally, offers a strong sense of belonging and pride. ASMC is a different kind of team. As President, I hope to offer the Full Board the opportunity to work as a team and to provide them with the tools that will help them achieve their personal goals as well as goals they make for the college.

Maribel Garcia

Name: Maribel Garcia
Year: 2014
Major: Anthropology and Sociology
Running for: Class of 2014 President

I believe that a strong sense of perspective is vital in a good leader; this secures that multiple voices are heard and considered before making executive decisions. Thus, I want to act as a conduit between the student body and the administration.

Natalie Meier

Name: Natalie Meier
Year: 2015
Major: Creative Writing
Current Position: Class of 2015 President
Running for: Class of 2015 President

I hope to open the channels of communication between the class council and the class of 2015, and foster a space where students feel they can access the class council as an avenue for change on campus.

Danelis Padron

Name: Danelis Padron
Year: 2016
Major: Economics and International Relations
Current Position: Class of 2016 President
Running for: Class of 2016 President


Name: Deborah Gartside
Year: 2014
Major: Psychology (Research Track)
Current Position: Senator-at-large
Running for: ASMC Vice President

As a senator I focused on reaching out to students in ways such as the Disability Task Force and the Senate Shoutouts in Adams Plaza, which I originated in hopes of bringing ASMC to the people rather than making students come to their representatives’ offices. As ASMC Vice President I aim to use the knowledge I gained about student concerns and challenges to effect real changes that will improve the lives of all students, helping faculty, vendors and administration better meet our needs

Brooke Parker

Name: Brooke Parker
Year: 2016
Major: Biopsychology
Current Position: Class of 2016 Accountant
Running for: Class of 2016 Accountant

I’ve been the Class of 2016 Accountant this past year, and I am running again for this coming year. I have managed our spending wisely, kept records of every transaction, and helped plan class events that were within our budget. This coming year, I would like to fundraise more so that we have bigger and better-quality events for our class.

Skylar Crownover

Name: Skylar Crownover
Year: 2016
Major: Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies Double Minor Psychology and French & Francophone Studies
Running for: Class of 2016 Senator-at-Large

I want to address the clime of “political correctness” on campus. Mills should be a safe place where students can make mistakes, and be able to learn and to grow from them. If we create an environment where students are afraid to speak up and afraid to share their opinion, the entire community suffers.

Larisa Gearhart

Name: Larisa (Risa) Gearhart
Year: 2016
 Environmental Science
Current Position: Education Senator
Running for: Sustainability Senator

Carpe diem!

Rachel Cefalu

Name: Rachel Cefalu
Year: Junior
Major: P.L.E.A. Legal major
Current Position: Class of 2014 Historian
Running for: Class of 2014 Historian

Harshita Beeravolu

Name: Harshita Beeravolu
Year: 2015
Major: Biochemistry with a Minor in Women Studies
Running for: Academic Chair

As a transfer student, I seldom found relevant information on Mills academics, academic programs and educational opportunities. By running for ASMC Academic chair, I will be able to make Mills more Transfer Friendly!

DeeAnn Williams

Name: DeeAnn Williams
Year: 2014
Major: Biopsychology
Current Position: ASMC Disability Senator
Running for: ASMC Disability Senator

I currently hold the position of ASMC Disability Senator for 2012-2013. I have co-established the ASMC Disability Task Force to help address and serve the needs, concerns, and aspirations of students with apparent/non-apparent disabilities. If re-elected I will continue to work diligently in advocating for the end of the stigma of hidden disabilities, stigma that has engendered fear and marginalization for students living and learning with disabilities.

Mel Headshot

Name: Mel Petricko
Year: 2014

Major: Literary and Cultural Studies

Current Position: Senator-At-Large
Running for: Student Affairs Chair

As a member of the ASMC Disability Task Force I have advocated for Mills students with Disabilities and worked to build community among them. As Student Affairs Chair I will take responsibility to serve the Mills community, uphold its traditions and invest in its improvement. I will contribute to an environment of integrity, communication and excellence that supports every Mills woman as she becomes her most empowered, successful self. I will expand my advocacy to the entire student body, working with various departments and organizations at Mills to address student body issues and concerns and to improve the experience of current and future Mills students.

Alex Sheppard

Name: Alexandra Sheppard
Year: 2015
Major: Book Art/Sociology
Current Position: Class of 2015 Historian
Running for: Class of 2015 Historian




Name: Cristal Lopez
Current Position: Solidarity Lounge Senator
Running for: Student Affairs Chair

Name: Akari Goda-Maurezzutt
Year: 2016
Major: English Literature and Science.
Current Position: 2016 Historian
Running for: Clubs for Organizations Senator

Name: Lisann Zentner
Year: 2014
Major: Chemistry
Running for: Natural Sciences Academic Senator

Name: Kelly Dingman
Year: 2014
Current Position: Social Sciences Senator
Running for: Internal Affairs Chair/Social Sciences Senator

Name: Kay Singh
Year: 2016
Current Position: Orchard Meadow Senator
Running for: Senator

Name: Tayla Muise
Year: 2016
Running for: APER Senator

Name: Nicole Lemon
Current Position: Health Senator
Running for: Sustainability Senator