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Meet the Spring 2012 ASMC Candidates

Compiled by Diana Arbas and Tessa Love

It’s election season for the Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC), the voice of the student body to the College administration on academic issues, honor code concerns and more.

Starting Monday, April 9, undergraduates (except seniors) can vote online here: Voting ends Friday, April 13 at midnight and results will be announced on April 23.

Below is The Campanil‘s guide to your ASMC election candidates, and the committees and groups they advocate for.



ASMC is made up of an executive board and senate. The Executive Board oversees the functioning of the senate and is in charge of chairing various committees to serve the Mills community.


The job: The president presides over the Executive Board and chairs the Student Services Committee, which advocates for students’ needs in regular meetings with Housing Management and Dining Services, Campus Facilities, Student Health Services, Public Safety and other on-campus resources.

Rebecca Freeman Presidential candidate

Major: Child Life in Hospitals and the Community
Class of 2013

“‘You’ve got a friend in me’… With 3 years of experience in ASMC, I hope to serve the Mills community compassionately, professionally, and responsibly by encouraging student leadership and involvement and fostering a more inclusive and connected campus. I hope to make a difference for the legacy of Mills by building relationships of trust with the administration and students, promoting transparency and social justice as cornerstones in transitions, preserving and representing the unique culture of Mills, connecting the student body with resources and processes for change, and listening to and learning from all of you. Vote Freeman for President!”


Vice President

The job: The vice president assumes the role of the President as necessary. She also chairs the Diversity and Social Justice Committee, which is all about inclusion and creating a safe space for students. This committee works closely with the College Diversity Committee, Student Diversity Programs and Joining All Mills Affinity Associations. It also meets with and coordinates information and events among all affinity groups on campus, like the Mary Atkins Lounge and the Women of Color Resource Center.

Jessica Kyo – Vice Presidential candidate

Major: Political, Legal, Economic Analysis (PLEA) Legal
Class of 2013

“For the past six years I’ve been a student leader in San Francisco’s Chinatown around ethnic studies, transportation justice, and affordable housing issues, as well creating the Bridging Communities Program with the Japanese American Citizens League. This year I have served on the Social Justice & Diversity committee with ASMC, helping to plan and facilitate Joining All Mills (JAM) which is one of the VP’s major responsibilities. I love hearing what people are passionate about and collaborating on making a positive impact in our community (from raising awareness about preferred gender pronouns, non-apparent disabilities, and more). I believe it’s possible to create a mindful and inclusive space for ALL STUDENTS, and I hope that students will put their trust in me so we can work towards that goal!”

Daisha Mshaka – Vice Presidential candidate 

photo and class year not provided

Major: International Relations 


Academic Affairs Chair

The job: The chair of Academic Affairs Committee deals with student ideas and concerns about what happens in the classroom. The committee stays informed of the College’s academic policies and goals by sitting in on faculty division meetings, and reporting to the Board of Trustees.

Monica Bower – Academic Affairs Chair candidate

Major: Research in Psychology
Class of 2014

“Vote for me because I have great visions for how to improve academics!”


 Judicial Chair

The job: The Judicial Affairs Committee is a liaison for students who have concerns or suggestions about college policies. The committee educates students about community standards and the Student Honor Code, and mediates college judicial procedures. Judicial Affairs also looks over the ASMC constitution and can propose changes.

Cathalina Ainzua and Brenda Gonzalez – Co-Judicial Chair candidates

majors not provided
Class of 2014

“We have past experience in participating in the ASMC executive board, and Brenda is the current judicial chair, and Cat is the current publicity chair, and we both know the process and procedures of what it takes to be in the judicial position. We have an excellent partnership and are concerned in voicing student concerns and creating transparency throughout the campus.”



The job: The accountant is responsible for maintaining the budget, disbursing funds and keeping accurate financial records of all ASMC account transactions. As the Chair of the Finance Committee, the accountant handles students’ special funding requests and questions about club financing. 

Lin Rui Li – Accountant candidate

Major: PLEA Econ, Minors: Mathematics and Asian Studies
Class of 2013

“After being a part of the Mills community for my first two years, then being able to study abroad for a whole year, I can’t wait to go back and contribute all I have for the student body at Mills. We are truly a unique and dedicated group of people, and I believe I can represent and serve you well. With my experiences and expertise, I can not only successfully balance an account book, I am able to dedicate myself to the mission and goal of Mills College, and especially, its student body. Though only the current Executive Board will be able to vote for me, I do ask for your strongest affirmation in my appointment in belief that I can most satisfyingly fulfill this position in representing you.”


Public Relations Chair

The job: The public relations chair is in charge of advertising ASMC events and elections to the campus, and helps promote ASMC transparency. She chairs the Public Relations Committee, she also acts as a liaison to all publications. The committee lets students know the different ways to contact ASMC, from office hours to e-mail. Updates are also given to the Mills community each semester.

Alexandra Michel – Public Relations Chair candidate

Major: Undeclared
Class of 2015

“I was new to Mills campus this year, but I have striven to get involved with ASMC, among other groups on campus. I think it is crucial for our small community to pay attention to what we all bring to the table, and make sure that we support each other in attaining our goals. By making ASMC more transparent to students, in the Public Relations Chair position, I hope to reveal ASMC as a resource and channel through which students are heard campus-wide, and positive change is made possible. Nobody is running against me for the position this year, but I’d still love it if you would cast your vote for me, Alexandra Michel :)”



The ASMC Senate’s job is to make sure that the Executive Board is running well. Senators oversee the Executive Board’s spending and policy, and they represent undergraduate interests and identities across living arrangements (residential or commuter), academic divisions, issues of interest and class years.

Academic Senators work closely with the Academic Chair and attend their respective academic division’s faculty meetings. Students in the Natural Science and Social Science Divisions can contact their respective senators with academic questions or concerns.

Lauren Kong – Natural Science Senator candidate

Major: Biology
Class of 2013

“As a Biology major, I understand the difficulties associated with science classes and aim to catalyze a positive change by supporting women in the sciences via listening to their concerns and opinions.”

Kelly Dingman – Social Science Senator candidate

Majors: Sociology and Psychology
Class of 2014

“I envision a field integrated with many cross-discipline conversations that help to make advancements within social science. My mission is to understand the differences within the field and help to organize and manage an issue that has occurred.”


Senators also represent special populations and issues, including athletic programs, sustainability efforts and disability issues.

Meghan Hinsch – Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (APER) Senator candidate

Major: Research in Psychology
Class of 2014 

“People should vote for me because I wish to leave Mills an outstanding institution not only in academics, but also in athletics and physical education. I want to help ensure that all Mills women are supported and offered healthy ways to make connections and form a stronger and more united student body.”

Miranda Felix – Sustainability Senator candidate

Majors: Mathematics and Environmental Science
Class of 2013

“I am President of Mills Earth C.O.R.P.S., a Power Down Specialist, a Student Co-ordinator for Recyclemania!, a Student Ambassador for the Sustainability Committee, and a Creek Steward for Creek Care Days. I love Mills College as much as you do.”

Mariah Taylor – Disability Senator candidate

Major: Biology
Class of 2014

“I receive services so I know how important it can be to know what services are available and who is there to help. If I win, I want to host ‘meet your staff’ events so you know exactly who is here to help. I will also be there to write down any concerns you may have during my office hours.”


Senators also represent residence halls, independent living spaces on campus, lounge communities and the whole Mills community.

Pilar Stinson – Senator at Large candidate 

Major: Biopsychology
Class of 2013

“By being a member of ASMC, I want to represent the students and help make decisions that will create a better educational community. I would like Mills to be a comfortable learning environment for all students and because of this I would like to try to reach out to those who may not feel as connected to Mills in order to hear what they think could be done to make Mills more inclusive and conducive to learning for them.”


Class Councils

All class officers are responsible for communicating with their designated class advisors, who are Division of Student Life professional staff. Class Councils decide on their own meeting time, and are not required to meet with the Executive Board and Senate during Monday meetings; however, each class Historian is required to attend the meetings and serves as a Senator.


Class of 2013 Presidential candidate

Aisha Gonzalez

Major: PLEA Legal

“I have been on the council for the past three years and have learned so much about and from my peers. If re-elected, I will continue to bring events and programs to our class and the greater Mills community that will fulfill our needs, whether that is promoting academic excellence or engaging in school spirit.”

Class of 2013 Accountant candidate

Dawna Williams

Major: PLEA Legal

“My job is to protect and grow our class council resources and budget. In addition, as a council member I aim to better connect our students to social and educational opportunities, improve our Mills and city wide community involvement, reduce exclusivity and forge a strong bond between our seniors. Furthermore, I want to make sure that the under-classwomen are supported and know of the traditions and great history of our school. I am running for Senior Class Council to make a difference and to see to it that the F13RCE class of 2013 leaves a positive legacy that is an example for all the women who follow us.”

Class of 2013 Historian candidate

Alexis Savage

photo and major not provided



Class of 2014 Presidential candidates

Fiona Fotherby

Major: Chemistry

“I’m excited for the opportunity to learn and implement what my fellow classmates think will make the next year’s events the most meaningful.”

Chantel Gammage

Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Ethnic Studies

“The Class of 2014 needs a candidate that will provide effective leadership. Not only am I an effective leader, but I am also reliable. I plan to bring the class of 2014 together as we continue our journey through Mills. As we enter our junior year and rapidly approach our own commencement it is imperative to have a class president with Mills Pride, Class Pride and an eagerness to serve the Class of 2014. That person is me!”

Maribel Garcia

Major: Anthropology and Sociology

“I believe that I have an great combination of camaraderie and authority which would make me approachable as well as effective when representing my class and their needs during my presidency. I want to be more involved in my Mills community and engage my class in feeling confidant besides just knowing how to raise their concerns and needs.”

Lisann Zentner

Major: Chemistry

“As Class President in our Junior year I will continue my current role, supporting the Class of 2014 by representation in ASMC and providing enriching community events, with an emphasis of assisting our class in the transition to graduating seniors. My dedication, passion, and experience are why you should vote for me!”

Class of 2014 Vice Presidential candidates

Jennifer Chou

Major: Business Economics

“My vision is to see unity within the class of 2014 as well as the rest of the school. I hope to be someone that is there to support, cheer, and guide my class.”

Bri Scharmann

Major: PLEA Econ

“I am Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig’s love child. I can’t change the tuition rates, but I want to improve the retention rates by creating a more inclusive and inspired class of 2014.”

Class of 2014 Accountant candidates

Sarah Bridler

Majors: PLEA Legal and Spanish

“I was involved in student government for all four years of my high school career and I would really like to get back into a leadership role here at Mills. I believe that I have developed leadership skills that would make me a good representative for our class with exciting ideas and a passion for success. I would be fully welcoming, even encouraging, of feedback and would work to turn my fellow classmates’ desires and needs into action and results. I would be a dedicated team player with a commitment to ensuring a stable financial situation that would create an economic environment that would allow us to fulfill our financial responsibilities as the junior class.”

Anna Guiles

Major: Public Policy Analysis

“With over ten years of leadership experience, I have made a commitment to be an active member of the Mills Community. Over the past two years I have served on Class of 2014 Council as the Historian, and would now like to serve on council as the Accountant. I have served as Accountant for Mills College Worker’s of Faith for the past year, and have familiarized myself with the financial rules and regulations designated by ASMC. I want to continue my time on Class Council so that I may continue to invest in both our 2014 community, and our Mills community at large. A vote for Anna Guiles is an investment in the Class of 2014.”

Casey Honath

Major: Psychology

“I have the experience needed to be accountant, since I have been 2014 accountant for the past two years.”

Class of 2014 Historian candidate

Rachel Cefalu

Major: PLEA Legal

“I am a goal-oriented, determined, fun-loving girl full of school spirit and lots of love for the Mills community, and I would be honored to serve alongside our class leaders to help make our time at Mills an unforgettable experience :)”



Class of 2015 Presidential candidates

Akasha Fryman

Major: Biology

“As president I would make sure that Class of 2015 is involved and a part of all the decisions that our class council makes. I want to utilize the fact that Mills is a tiny campus by going around weekly to see what my fellow students have to say. I want to also let my classmates know what we do in our meetings that way the input we get is relevant and current. I want to see us produce more events that we are collectively excited about. Finally, I want to bring back some of Mills’ traditions. It will be a blast from the past!!!”

Natalie Meier



Major: Undeclared

“I want to be president because I want to make our class a more unified one. Through presidency, I will attempt to bring our class closer together, improve our visibility and voice on campus, and make a supreme effort to get to know each person from the Class of 2015.”


Votes can be cast online here: Seniors and grad students cannot participate. Elections begin April 9 and end April 13; results will be announced on April 23. 


Many thanks to Soo Choi for her help gathering info for this page.