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Meet ASMC Senate

Undergraduates are always welcome to come swing by ASMC’s office, which is in Rothwell E. (Jen Ramos)

The Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC) is made up of an executive board and senate. Last week, The Campanil introduced this fall’s ASMC executives and the committees they chair. In this issue, we meet our current ASMC senators.

The ASMC Senate’s job is to make sure that the Executive Board is running well. Senators oversee the Executive Board’s spending and policy, and they represent undergraduate interests and identities across living arrangements (residential or commuter), academic divisions, issues of interest and class years.

About 10 new senators were appointed close to time of the press and could not be included.

Academic Senators work closely with Academic Chair Maja Sidzinska and attend their respective academic division’s faculty meetings. Students in the Letters, Natural Science and Social Science Divisions can contact their respective senators with academic questions or concerns. Students in the Arts and Education Divisions can contact Sidzinska at

Anna Guiles, Letters

Monica Bower, Natural Science Senator

Sophanarot Sam, Social Science Senator

Senators also represent special populations and issues. Health Senator Colleen Kimsey said she would love to hear from students about issues like campus smoking reduction, health care access and how to locate campus resources. Sustainability Senator Megan Nicholas-Harper said she’s the voice for sustainability efforts and programs at Mills.

Colleen Kimsey, Health

Megan Nicholas-Harper, Sustainability

Senators also represent residence halls, independent living spaces on campus and lounge communities. For example, Solidarity Lounge Senator Phuong Tseng said her job is to create a safe and comfortable space for everyone who comes to the Solidarity Lounge. Senators like Jennifer Thao also represent the whole Mills community.

Phuong Tseng, Solidarity Lounge

Jennifer Thao, Senator at Large

Brenda Gonzalez, Co-Judicial Chair

Since The Campanil ran the ASMC committee spread in last week’s issue, new ASMC Executive Board Member Brenda Gonzalez stepped up from the 2014 Class Historian position to the higher role of Co-Judicial Chair.

Gonzalez will work alongside Claudia Hernandez, the other Co-Judicial Chair. Together they will preside over the ASMC senate and committee chairs, mediate judicial cases as presented to them by the College and inform the Judicial Affairs Committee of new College judicial policies.