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Media studies forum brings results

As early as next semester, the remaining media studies students might be able to satisfy requirements for the nonexistent media major more easily.

In a forum on Monday, delegates from the Media Issue Coalition asked administration for registration priority when a major is dissolved regardless of class standing.

The delegates also asked for the ability to cross-register more than one course per semester when they find classes not offered at Mills that fulfill their major.

Interim provost John Brabson, dean of students Mryt Witcomb, dean of fine arts Mary-Ann Milford and professor of film studies Ken Burke, attended the forum and were in agreement that these solutions were fair.

“We can set something up as early as spring,” said Brabson. “We’re sensitive to what you see is missing and we’re going to see what we can do.” Brabson also said he would make sure that the information presented is passed on to the new provost. This process if approved will occur under the supervision of both administration and the academic advisor.

“I think this is great,” said senior Karina Griffith. ” I feel confident. I feel like things are going to be put into place.”

Burke, advisor to the remaining media studies majors offered to get the ball rolling by compiling a list of students that the solutions would benefit the most to give to the provost.

“I think there will be a solution for the remaining students and I think that’s great,” said senior Kelli Conley who along with Griffith who supported the exchange between administration and the coalition.

Among the requests was the retainment of visiting professor Isabel Reichert from spring 2003 until spring 2004. She would assist Burke in teaching the senior project seminar and provide technical support in digital computer and video production. The final decision on the ability to cross register more than one class per semester will be made by the new provost and the registrar. The retainment of Reichert will be decided by the new provost, Dean of Letters Ruth Saxton and / or Milford.

Most of the remaining media studies majors will finish in May 2003.