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Looking to the future | New Carnegie system gives students extra credit(s)

Along with the proposed program cuts and the replacement of the school’s bookstore, Mills College has switched from its unique credit system to the Carnegie credit system.

The Carnegie credit system is the standardized credit system in the United States for college credits and the most widely used. Although the Mills credit system has been used for over 20 years, the conversion to the Carnegie system helps transfer students and current students cross-registering at UC Berkeley.

The new semester course load will consist of 15 semester credits, creating a total of 30 semester credits a year. The  classes will typically be worth 3 credits. In order to graduate, students will have to earn 120 credits altogether. In order to receive financial aid, students will have to take at least 12 credits per semester.

The Carnegie credit system will be implemented starting in Fall 2016. For students already attending Mills before the use of the new system, their courses will be listed under the Mills credit system. The Registrar’s Office will multiply continuing undergraduate students’ old Mills credits by 3.5 in order to change their total semester credits under the Carnegie system. For graduate students, their new semester credits will depend on their program.