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Local grocery store Farmer Joe’s a great alternative

Mills College Weekly

Farmer Joe’s, a locally-owned grocery store in the Laurel, is a supermarket without the super. That’s not to say there’s anything missing. It’s perfectly wonderful the way it is-a farmer’s market, a grocery store and a community gathering space, all rolled into one.

Evoking the feel of a small-town market, it’s not uncommon to run into your neighbor in the cheese aisle or to stand in line next to a classmate. Usually, the owner can be seen walking around, taking inventory and chatting with customers.

The market’s entrance is always stocked with bins upon bins of fresh fruits and vegetables. Inside there are more vegetables and almost everything you’d want to find in a grocery store. The difference here is that there are alternative and organic options.

Some of the highlights of the store include a wide variety of fresh mushrooms. The front wall is lined with nuts and granola and whole grains, all available for purchase in bulk.

Bread from local bakeries like Grace Baking is delivered to the store throughout the day, so you can pick up a fresh baguette to go with your brie.

Best of all, Farmer Joe’s prices are consistently lower than the other grocery stores in the area.

So Farmer Joe’s is a little like Cheers. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Unfotunately, they don’t sell alcohol.