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Letter from the editor

AbbeyA wise author once wrote: “Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?” Of course, being a Mills student, I would ask for a person’s pronouns before saying that. Nevertheless, the meaning of this statement sticks with me.

I’ve been at The Campanil since I was a first-year here, and even as I embark on the adventure that is my final year, I won’t lie: I’m scared. There are so many anxiety-inducing scenarios that run through my head when I think about what is to come in these final 10 months. How will I manage to balance school and responsibilities at the paper? How will I live up to the legacies of the two former editors-in-chief, both of whom are dear friends of mine? Will I make my professors proud and say, “Yeah, she’s learned something from us.” Nothing comes from thinking about these except jitters and panic attacks that I struggle to extinguish.

But those fears are abated by thinking about how much I’ve learned from these past three years, about what I’ve learned from my professors, my friends and Oakland. Even as I grapple with my anxiety over everything from budget issues to how I’m possibly going to make it through my classes without losing my mind, I remind myself of George R.R. Martin’s words and tell myself: yes, you are scared, but you are also brave.

What makes me brave amidst these anxieties? You, our readers. When I think about the Mills community, I think of how we, The Campanil, can best serve you and your interests as we stick to our code of journalistic ethics. The entire staff wants to hear what you have to say. Got an opinion? Shoot us an op-ed. Have a story you want to be reported? Bring us the pitch. See us making an error? Let us know. Feedback from our audience is only a good thing. It makes us stronger, not just as journalists, but as people.

As I sit in our newsroom the night before our first production with members of our incredibly dedicated staff, I know we will be able to meet any challenge that comes our way. Every member of The Campanil has taught me something valuable, and that lesson is that together we can create something that benefits those around us. With these incredibly talented and special people at my side, I don’t just think we can produce a good paper; I know we can.

So, dear readers, reach out to us and connect with us. We have so much we want to share with you.