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BLOG | Let’s talk about sax

This sax overload isn’t a recent phenomenon. The sax reached a high note in 2011 with the release of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” and then in some sort of mind meld, Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” a few months laterIn 2012 it was Macklemore  with “Thrift Shop,” a song we’re all still trying to forget and I just reminded you about (“what what”). For a brief period, the sax-fest died down. But now, in 2015, Saxapalooza continues and the line up this year is totally rad, bro. We’re talking Jason Derulo, Fifth Harmony and even Redfoo!

There’s enough saxophone in popular songs these days that I’m convinced songs that don’t have any saxophone in them do. Oh, The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face?” Yeah that has some saxophone, right? No, actually it doesn’t. “Lean On” by Major Lazer? Well MØ’s voice might as well be one. The sound of the saxophone is a powerful and deceiving ear worm. Although these songs don’t have that sweet squeak, the saxophone is so pervasive that it tricks us (at least me) into adding it into every jam.

Now, is all this sax a bad thing? I don’t know. Some may argue yes, because to be honest the saxophone kind of sounds like a duck army. Others may disagree, but I’m making these examples up and I can’t come up with any pros. My personal view is neutral, or more like a case-by-case basis. I enjoy “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony; “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo is tolerable; but if you put on that one by Ariana Grande, so help me we will have a problem. So, in the end, the saxophone is an instrument that exists and the only time it was truly, 100 percent acceptable was in “Get Right” by J-Lo.

Also, this is definitely some reptilian plot by Bill Clinton. You know, because he plays the saxophone and is a member of the reptilian race, who seeks to control society. What better way than through the subliminal sounds of that smooth instrument?

Here’s a link to a playlist with all songs mentioned above: