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Layoff notices sent out

Some faculty on short-term contracts received notice that they would be laid off at the end of next semester.

President Janet Holmgren confirmed that the notices were sent.

She said the notices were sent to alert professors of the “potential that we would not be able to renew” their contracts for the fall semester because the college is legally required to give six months notice before laying off faculty members on three year contracts.

She referred all further questions to provost and dean of faculty John Brabson, who declined comment.

It was announced that the notices were sent at last Monday’s faculty meeting, where, according to English professor Steven Ratcliffe, attendees were told that four faculty members on short-term contracts received letters of termination.

It was also said at the meeting that professors who received layoff notices would not necessarily be let go in the fall.

“I think it was made clear, however, that people would be reinstated if possible,” said Ratcliffe.

The possible layoff of these short-term contract faculty members is part of a plan to cut $2 million from the college’s budget as requested by the board of trustees at their October meeting. Brabson, who is developing the plan to deal with the shortfall, had said earlier that it must be done by Dec. 14.

It is unknown who received the notices or if the letters made clear that the notice of termination is provisional.

The minutes of the faculty meeting were not available at press time.