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How to save money on a date

Are you taking a special someone out on a date? And if so, do you want to save money on that date? I can tell you how to save money, and even how to not spend any money whatsoever. Because of my five-step plan, I can guarantee that you will not only save money, but it will also leave you without that obstructing commitment to another person.

First, make sure you get a date that has cash, credit cards or drives a luxury car. As long as you see them waving their money around, they’re a keeper.

Second, make sure that when this person takes you on a date that you do not bring your wallet. Bring a purse, lipstick, back-up mascara, and even a good book, but do not bring money in any form. A typical excuse you could use is, “I forgot my wallet.” Short, sweet and to the point.

Third, when you are on a date and you want something, make sure it is as obvious as possible. Do not just say, “I want a soda.” No, you demand that soda, “Get me a soda.” The more angry and desperate you sound, the more they will be willing to get you off their
back and hand you whatever you please.

Fourth, if the date decides to take you out to a restaurant after you go to the movies or whatever it is that you couples do, you are in luck, just go ahead and excuse yourself from the table and leave them. Say you’re going to the bathroom. See that, a free meal and a date.

And fifth, once you have gone back home, you not only got a free meal but took an awesome new step toward being “single” again. Because of the way that you acted on that date; they would never take you out again.

If you couldn’t already tell, these steps are not real and should never be followed. I guess in this case the “treat others the way you would like to be treated” rule would be sufficient. Make sure you know how to handle a date. If you ask someone out, you should honor the time they spent getting ready for you.

If you can’t make it, tell them ahead of time; do not, and I repeat do not, stand up the arrangement just an hour before.

Here’s the thing: I understand that we all want to save money, but also want to treat or show our appreciation for that special someone. However, if the problem is money, there are many ways to handle
the situation.

Tell your date ahead of time that you are “low on cash.” Then you two can arrange the date according to something that is easy for both of you.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to show someone that you care. As long as you two are spending time together, and enjoying yourselves, then you are winning their heart.