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How Far Would You Go For a T-Shirt?

To what extent will one  go to recieve a Free Mills T-shirt? But not just any  Mills  T-shirt, a Cyclone Century Club T-shirt. Maybe walk a mile or two? How about clocking in 100 hours of working out? Mills College’s newest club hopes this incentive  will get students, staff and faculty  to clock in 100 hours.

The Cyclone Century Club was launched this semester and already has  36 members, with 99 percent of the members as students. Members can track their hours online  through a  website called

This club was also created as a result  of a  Wellness Initiative the  college is undertaking. The Wellness  Initiative was established by the college as part of the Health Care Reform Act which requires employers to create a wellness  initiative. In the long run it would help employees with their premium  and develop a healthy employee base.

“Last year the college formed a wellness committee with the goal of putting together initiative for employees and hopefully expand to students,” said Lissa Palanca, Benefits Manager of Mills College.

APER as a group created the Cyclone Century Club program to provide wellness programing for students, faculty, and staff.

“We thought it would be a good way to get people motivated,” said Natalie Spangler, the head athletic  trainer and P.E instructor.  The Cyclone Century Club is designed to get students physically active and make good use of our fitness resources.

“I would really like to join, just to encourage me to go out and exercise more,” said fresh-woman Jazmin Fortes.

As a way to get more members involved, the club has established workout programs headed by APER staff that are only for members. Workout activities include hitting the tennis courts with tennis coach Loke Davis, and hiking with track and field coach Lache Bailey. Members will also have an opportunity to dance  the  night away with the Dean of Students, Dr. Joi Lewis at the “dancing with the Dean” workout activity. You can even workout in the water under the instruction of the head swim coach, Neil Virtue, to not only get  your heart rate  up but to learn how to use  the  water as a low-impact  resistance  workout tool.

Crew coach Sara Nevin will be educating members on strength circuit where  you learn the correct techniques in weight lifting  and learn the  correct way to use  the machines in  the fitness center, along with learning  how to using the rowing machine.

The club also has planned events off campus revolving around fitness. Members, students, faculty, and staff can look forward to ice skating & Art walk in Downtown Oakland, a ferry trip to explore Angel Island  on March 31, and horseback riding on the beach on April 21st. Prepayment for each event  is required in order  to  reserve your spot.

Fresh-woman, Victoria Kupu shared that with the extra perks she thinks “its really  cool.” Kupu also said that  she “didn’t know how to use  the gym equipment  and now I will be able to.”

However not all students are on board with this new club’s incentive.

“The requirement is so big and  incentive is so small,  it doesn’t  level out” said sophomore Jennifer Chou. She later explains that if going to the gym isn’t part of  your daily life already, a t-shit as a reward for completing the 100 hours isn’t fulfilling enough.

So if you want to go the distance and receive that free t-shirt along with exposing yourself to different types of physical activities, contact  Natalie at or (510)430-3323 and join!