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Heads Up Mills Women!

Is a campus of determined, focused and friendly women so hard to
find? Perhaps at Mills we should settle for two out of three. As a
new member of the Mills family, my experience these first weeks has
been somewhat disappointing.

As far as classes and instructors go, my expectations are
definitely being met. But the images included in the promotional
materials received in the months leading up to my arrival gave me
the idea that people were happy to be here.

I guess I was wrong to think that having the opportunity to
learn from some of the best would result in a positive and happy
student body. If education is a key to happiness, maybe some of our
schoolmates are knocking on the wrong door.

Aside from our book learning, we ought to be gaining an
understanding of ourselves while we’re here. Ideally, we’re gaining
more confidence with each passing day. But as I walk across campus,
I see a lot of people looking at the ground.

Granted, some of our sidewalks are uneven; trips and falls could
happen if you aren’t watching where you’re going. But after a week,
I’ve already figured out when and where to step a little higher, so
why is everyone else still looking down?

We’ve made it this far in life, so it can be assumed that we
left the house wearing matching shoes and socks (if that’s what
we’re into). And odds are that if we did spill something down the
front of our shirts, it wouldn’t take too long to investigate the

Nobody seems to be walking so fast that wind sheer could be a
problem. Nor have we had severe wind or rain from which to protect
our eyes.

I did spend one day looking down to avoid the glare from our
white-sided buildings, but even then I at least attempted to look
up when I saw a pair of feet coming my way. The reward of which was
an eyeful of blinding sunlight and, of course, a glimpse of someone
looking anywhere but at me.

Dare I say that the eye contact issue seems to be an affliction
of the undergraduates? The obvious graduate students (i.e. the men
on campus) are very willing to look passers-by in the eye and
even-brace yourself-smile or nod in salutation.

What will it take to get the women of Mills to acknowledge each
other? We have worked tirelessly and sacrificed greatly to become
students at this institution. We should hold our heads up high.

Try it; I dare you! Look up as you walk around campus. Make eye
contact with the people you pass. If you’re feeling especially
bold, smile. Maybe even say hello.

Be proud to be a Mills woman. Doing so likely won’t cause any
harm-unless of course you stumble over a wayward Eucalyptus