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Getting to know Public Safety: a look into the lives of the new Public Safety officers

Public Safety officers work at the front gate.
Debra Ramirez

Previous Job: worked for the Oakland Police Department

splitting her time between being apolice services/evidence technician

and a neighborhood service coordinator.


Niviece Robinson


Something people may not know by looking at her: she’s a part of Raiders Nation, working at the Oakland Coliseum part-time. 
Favorite place she’s traveled: Israel and Petra, Jordan.

Morgan Fay


Something people may not know by looking at him: he’s traveled all

around the world as part of security teams protecting diamond

mines in Sierra Leon to protecting Oracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison.

Maloa Jenkins



Favorite place she’s traveled: Kauai, Hawaii

Previous job: is an active EMT in

Contra Costa County in addition to working Mills

John Berg


Previous job: worked for the Fire Marshal, was a

fire-fighter and a hazardous material inspector.

Interesting fact: is a certified first aid, CPR and AED instructor.

Johanna Gray



Previous job: worked for the San Pablo Police Department as a police technician.

Interesting fact: holds various training certifications from

first responder and law enforcement training agencies.