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Gearing up for break, students plan road trips

Students are preparing for Spring Break with trips to Mexico, first time road trips, and plans to hang out in the dorms.

Seven freshwomen have planned a trip to Mexico where they rented a house on the beach.

“We’ve rented a house for $600 on a private beach in Ensenada,” said freshwomen Julie Martinez with a smile.

They were hesitant , at first, to describe the house. According to freshwoman Emily Brosky, they made reservations without pictures of the house.

“We just got the photos yesterday,” said Brosky, laughing with Martinez. “It kind of looks like a trailer. But the guy said it can hold eight.”

After seeing the pictures, Martinez said they were surprised and tried to change their reservation online.

“There were, like, five of us on different computers trying to change the reservations,” said Martinez.

They were not able to change their reservations but are still going to Mexico regardless, and are convicted that they’re going to have fun.

Also planning an exciting trip to Mexico is sophomore Lauren Trestler. Trestler and a friend will be taking the bus all the way to Mexico.

“Possibly Ensenada,” said Trestler. Her plans are “margaritas. Beach. Maybe some pina coladas and trying to avoid frat boys,” she said, grinning.

Many students on campus are going to experience their first road trip.

“I’m going on the first road trip without my family,” said freshwoman Charisse Yuen. “I’m going to So Cal with two other girls.”

Yuen who is from Hawaii, will be driving down to southern California with two other freshwoman, both of whom are from out of state. The other girls are from Colorado and Missouri, said Yuen. She also said she is excited that they will be visiting friends who live in southern California.

Freshwoman Tiffany Bennett and a friend will also be driving on their first road trip up north Oregon and Washington.

“I’m going to Seattle for the first time,” said Bennett. “A friend of mine who used to go to Mills lives there.”

Other students will be going home for Spring Break.

Sophomore Nicole Baumhofer said she’s going home to Hawaii.

“For the whole week, I’m going to hang out with my grandfather and friends from University of Hawaii,” said Baumhofer.

Sophomore Angela Lunardi said she is going back home to Boston for the break.

Sophomore Renee Byrd decided to combine both a return home and road trip for her Spring Break.

“I’m going back to Minneapolis for a couple of days and then I’m driving back with my dad,” said Byrd while casually lighting up a cigarette.

While other students leave for the break, others decided to stay on campus.

“I’m doing alternative Spring Break,” said Lindsay Cooper.

Cooper said she’s looking forward to doing something different and helping with the neighborhood elementary schools will be fun.

To stay in shape for the crew team, sophomore Heather Lukasewycz said she will stay on campus.

“I’m doing rowing camp. We’ll be practicing twice a day,” said Lukaswycz. “We might start at five or six in the morning and we’re supposed to leave the rest of the day open.”

While some students will be doing either Alternative Spring Break, rowing camp or homework, other students will try to organize their lives.

“[I will be] strategizing how my summer will work out, from housing arrnagements to internships,” said sophomore Alix Holsten happily with the decision. “[I will] officially be creating my major, sitting with the creative form and writing up the proposal for my major.”