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Fetishes with C & M

Hey sexy people! It’s C and M here with some sexy facts. We are your new sex columnists here at The Campanil and we are excited to get down and dirty with all of you as we discuss the spectrum of everything and anything that constitutes sex. I bet you all can guess this week’s theme! I’ll give you a hint: Mouthing Off!’s recent off-the-hook event!

Fetish. What’s the first image or thought that came to mind? Was it handcuffs? Leather? Bondage? A foot fetish? I’m guessing for some of you, it was the latex suit from American Horror Story.

According to Urban Dictionary, a fetish is “an object thought to have magical, especially magically sexual, powers.” But, according to, from a psychological understanding a fetish is “any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.”

So, what do we think?

M says: I remember thinking that I had to be into something “kinky” in order to have a fetish. But later on, when I was able to find out about more of what fetishes really are, I was able to understand that I actually do have them and they don’t necessarily have to be “kinky.” I mean, there is nothing wrong with being kinky —  if anything I am really open to it. I just used to base my definition of fetish on the amount of kinkiness I had. Research really helped to further my knowledge in the topic, and now I understand that the degree of kinkiness does not directly relate to whether something is a fetish or not. Also, there is always room to experiment!

C says: As ridiculous as it may sound, my fetish is consent. (On that point, if you have a fetish, go you! It is completely natural, and when you think about it, really, we all have them.) Anyway, I am really open to trying new things and experimenting with my sex life. Blindfolds and handcuffs? Let’s go! But I’ve run into some very unsexy fetish/kinky experiences when consent was not necessarily at the forefront of my partner’s mind. I remember one experience when my hands were tied behind my back and everything was fine and dandy until I started to panic about feeling restrained. At that point in my sexual career, I had no clue about safe words. So there I was, stranded, panicking, and without a safe word… yikes! That’s a moment I don’t want to relive. Fortunately, I was able to communicate with my partner and get everything squared away. My advice to all of you out there who would like to experiment and try some new fetishes: do some research before you get started. Talk with your partner. Create a safe word! And have lots and lots of sexy fun times. Consent is sexy!

So, here’s a quick recap: Fetishes are sexual desires, and they do not have to be kinky; in fact, they could even be something we might not think about every day, like lace! Be safe, get consent, and enjoy your very own brand of kinky sex! We’re looking forward to seeing all your fantasies and kinky dreams on display at the next annual Mouthing Off! Fetish Ball!

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Until our next encounter…