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FASHION | Fetish Ball Preview (with PHOTOS)

Hey Millsies! It’s time for you to live out your fantasies and give in to your fetishes because TONIGHT, Friday, April 25 is the Fetish Ball! This year, the Fetish Ball theme is mythical creatures.

Since no cameras or phones are allowed into the event, our readers can get a preview of two Mills students’ party outfits below.

First-year Alyia Yates is thrilled to go to Fetish Ball because it means she can dress up.

“I love to dress up, and I always make a point to go to Mills events,” Alyia said.

What Alyia will be wearing, as she described it, is a bustle jacket with corseted lacing and ruffles in the back, and buttoned in the front.

“It’s got this floof-floof in the back. It was my mom’s. She always gives me the best stuff,” Alyia said.

Alyia Yates holds up her Fetish Ball outfit. (Photo by Octavia Sun)
Alyia Yates holds up her Fetish Ball outfit. (Photo by Octavia Sun)

Along with the jacket, Alyia will also be wearing stilettos, which will go along with her outfit.

“These will be called ‘dangles’ because they dangle and hurt like hell,” Alyia said.

Sophomore Larri Parms-Ford said she is going because she goes to all the dances.

“I go to every dance, literally. I won’t stop now,” Parms-Ford said.

Larri will be wearing a sparkly bra, hot pink shorts, and a rainbow tutu.

“[I’m] gonna be a gay pony from My Little Pony,” Larri said.

Larri and her friends are also going to look for some wings to complete their outfits.

Larri Parms-Ford holds up her rainbow tutu.
Larri Parms-Ford holds up her rainbow tutu.

Although you don’t need to buy a ticket, since the event is benefiting the Homeless Youth Alliance in San Francisco, all attendees are required to bring an unopened/unused package of any of the following items for donation: pads, tampons, socks, deodorant, underwear, or cat/dog food.

For more information and guidelines, visit the Facebook page for the event here: