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Fetish Ball handled horribly by Public Safety

I wanted to thank all those who organized this year's Fetish Ball, it looked awesome! I say looked because that is all I got to do was look at Fetish Ball from behind a line of others looking at the doors leading to Fetish Ball, the doors being very well guarded by Public Safety. If we are going to now start enforcing maximum capacity laws, a new venue should be chosen or dress code enforced to allow all Mills community members access to events that are for them.

The way I saw the Mills Community treated by public safety is inexcusable and unacceptable.

Public safety personnel were rude, threatening, condescending, short tempered, disrespectful and worst of all, uncaring. There was no need to treat members of the Mills community in that fashion. I saw one public safety officer threaten to arrest a guy who was looking through a window. First, public safety cannot arrest, so the threat used was in false pretense. Second, I do recognize that I had no knowledge of the circumstances that lead to that point, however, to refer back to my first point, they still threatened/lied in a situation where I saw no aggression or ill will displayed towards the "officer."

The call:

I call the Mills Community to write letters to the Office of the Present, as well as to the director of Public Safety, and let them know we will not stand quietly by and let those of our community be disrespected. Reinforce to them that their threats of arrest, their harsh tones, and inexcusable actions were uncalled for by showing them just how well we know how to harness our anger for constructive, positive, and nonviolent change.

President Janet L. Holmgren

Office of the President

P: 510.430.2094

F: 510.430.2256


Mr. Michael Lopez

Director of Public Safety

P: 510.430.3103


-Chris Adams