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Feel the love on Valentine’s Day

Mills College Weekly

“Love is something you show, not something you say,” said junior Alysha Grevious.

And this Valentine’s Day will provide the opportunity for us all to show our loved ones that we care for and need them in our lives.

Love should not require dutiful sex, extravagant dinner plans or meaningless gifts.

Love can be expressed by sharing gentle words, thoughtful gifts and quality time with the people we love.

So this Friday, I propose that you take advantage of this day of love by showing true compassion and kindness towards your friends, family and the individuals who come into your lives.

No matter how you intend to spend the day, you should recognize your own need for happiness as well as your own ability to meet that need, both internally and externally.

Take a quiet moment to focus on positive aspects of yourself. Write a Valentine to yourself filled with appreciative comments.

Make it “be sexy for yourself day,” said senior Sylvia Gates.

Romance is often thought of as a precursor to sex and our culture often teaches that sex is a basic demonstration of love.