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Faculty and Students begin to create counter proposals

At an emergency faculty meeting held Monday Oct 28, a letter to the Mills community was put together by faculty present at the meeting.

The letter, sent by Professor of Education Sabrina Zirkel on behalf of the Mills faculty, brings a preview of things for the Mills community to expect in the near future. One of the ideas is a counter proposal to the proposed cuts and “an alternative path to a balanced budget for FY2017.”

Also on Monday night, students gathered in NSB to put together a Blue and Gold paper where they drafted a response to the proposed changes. That meeting was led by ASMC Academic Chair Larisa Gearhart and moderated by ASMC President Rachel Patterson.

The Mills community should expect further proposals and updates as the week goes on.

Storify of live-tweets from the Blue and Gold meeting here.

Zirkel’s email here.