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Exercises to achieve a toned booty

In the midst of midterm season, we cannot forget to workout and keep in shape. Too much studying turns into stress eating, which leads to junk in your trunk. You think everything is fine until one day the stress eating catches up to you, and then you notice that you’re having difficulty trying to button your pants.

People think that squats are the only exercise that will give you that nice toned behind. Those who suffer from knee pains or injuries are unable to do exercises like squats because it puts stress on their knees. For those who have difficulty with squats or want to diversify their buttock regiment, here are some simple exercises that will help tone and perk up your booty:

  • Single-leg Hip Raise: This workout requires the person to lay flat on their back and bend one leg with their knees in the air at a 45 degree angle; the other leg should be lifted straight outward. If the person cannot keep their balance with their leg straight outward than they can cross it over their other knee. Next, the person should lift their hips in the air so that they are straight and aligned with their toes and their neck. Remember to tighten your abdomen. One hip lift is equal to one rep. After ten reps, switch legs to work out both sides of your butt. This exercise works the middle of the gluteus maximus muscle. Working out this section of the muscle helps rounds the buttocks while making it more toned.


  • Fire Hydrants/Doggy lifts:  The person must get into a crawling position; their back should be horizontal to the floor. Keeping your knees bent, lift one knee outward to the side so that your hips create a 45-degree angle. For more of a challenge, as you lift one knee extend the leg straight outward into a kicking position. One knee/leg lift to the side and back to the starting position is one rep. After ten reps on one side, switch legs. This exercise tones the outside of the gluteus maximus and hips. This helps tighten and compact the sides of your butt while also lifting it.



  • Stair Leg Lifts: This exercise involves the person to stand on steps. While balancing on the step, lift one leg straight backwards until you feel a slight, tight sensation in the crease between your buttocks and upper thigh. Remember to keep your abdominal tight. One lift is equal to one rep. After ten reps on one side, switch legs. This exercise works the gluteus medius, which is the muscle in the upper buttocks above the gluteus maximus that gives it its roundness. Stair leg lifts also work the bottom of the gluteus maximus, which should lift the buttocks while also firming the muscles in the upper thigh.





  • Butt Plié-Sumo Squats: If someone suffers from chronic knee pains than this exercise is not recommended. This workout requires the person’s legs to be hip-length apart, with their toes pointed slightly outward. Bend the knees slightly less than a 45-degree angle. Tension should be felt in the butt and inner thighs. Pains felt in the knees indicate that the person is bending too low. While in a plié position, lift your heels up and then drop them back down for one rep. Remember to keep your abdominal tight. One plié and knee heel is equal to one rep. This exercise works the bottom of the gluteus maximus that helps lift and tone the buttocks and upper thigh. In addition, Plié-Sumo squats help tighten the muscles in the inner thigh.


By doing these four exercises, in addition to eating smart and drinking plenty of water, you are guaranteed to have a toned and healthy looking booty.