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Email from Faculty Executive Committee

On 10/21 members of the Faculty Executive Committee sent out an email to all staff and students regarding the 10/19 faculty meeting and the 10/19 memo where the curriculum changes and cuts proposals surprised faculty and students alike.


The letter is linked in a PDF below, excepted is a paragraph from the email, sent out by Education professor Sabrina Zirkel

“Until Monday’s faculty meeting, we had not been aware of any formal proposals to eliminate majors or to cut back our curriculum. We believe that the proposals announced at the faculty meeting and sent out to the Mills community that evening are premature and not yet fully developed. The process for moving any of these ideas forward for consideration would be to develop a formal proposal that would outline the rationale, costs, and benefits of such a change, and to present that to the Educational Policy Subcommittee of the Faculty Executive Committee. Any such proposals to change the curriculum can only be approved after careful, responsible consideration by the Educational Policy Subcommittee of the Faculty Executive Committee, the faculty in each respective division, and a vote of the full faculty. At this time, we have seen no concrete evidence of the need to eliminate programs – indeed, we see many opportunities for new majors and expanded programs to better serve students.”