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Education First returns to Mills

EF"s logo
EF”s logo

Students may have noticed when they returned from winter break that there are 70 new faces around the Mills College campus.

On Dec. 7, 2015, a campus-wide memorandum was sent out by Vice President of Operations Linda Zitzner, announcing that the College has renewed their partnership with the Education First (EF) language program.  The program has not been at Mills since 2011.  This program allows for international students to couple language training along with the added advantage of a cultural exchange.

“It is important for the EF students to experience both the beauty and the multicultural richness of Mills College, Oakland and the Bay Area,” Zitzner said in the memorandum.

Students in the EF program began their classes on Jan. 3 of this year, Zitzner said.  Ege Hall, which was closed down to Mills students after last year, houses the EF students, and their classes are primarily in Reinhardt Hall.  Though living quarters and classes are separate from Mills students, those in the EF program have their meals provided by Bon Appetit.

Though there are only 70 students currently, Zitzner said that the program is expected to add more students.

Zitzner also urged students to ensure that the EF students and faculty feel welcomed on campus, even though their program is separate from Mills.

“We hope that you welcome the EF students, staff and faculty to the Mills Community and will actively participate in their goal for cultural exchange while at the same time expanding our understanding of their diverse and rich backgrounds,” Zitzner said.

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature about the EF program from The Campanil.