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Don’t let end of semester cause slump

The weather is gray, term papers are looming, and now we don’t even have spring break to look forward to.

Seniors are busy preparing to graduate, juniors are anxiously checking their schedules to make sure they have all the classes they need, while freshwomen are learning to navigate the complexity and politics of room draw.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen-we have only five weeks left.

So let’s not give up now.

As Mills students campus-wide are making arrangements for summer school, for graduate school, for a job or an internship, or for studying abroad, we’re starting to lose our focus on the here and now. Bombarded with applications for jobs, school, and rental contracts, with balancing checkbooks and getting letters of recommendation, we’re starting to forget why we’re here. We’re not here not just to get a degree and walk away, and, as tired as we are, it’s not time to just to make it through a class with a passing grade.

Even as we look toward the future, we must reflect on where we are right now. We still have to take our classes and our work seriously, out of respect for our professors, our peers and ourselves.

Now is the time to use our free counseling sessions through the career center. Now is the time to take advantage of the lap swim hours, the fitness trail, the yoga classes, and the sauna. To be at our mental peaks, we must also be physically healthy.

As everyone coughs and sniffles her way through class, remember to take good care of your health, and keep an extra few Kleenex or cough drops around for friends in need.

Remember why you came to Mills in the first place. What were your goals and dreams then? Reconnect with those ambitions and channel them into your current course of study to reinvigorate yourself.

Invite a professor out to lunch, or go to her office hours. That personal interaction really makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying a class.

Don’t be afraid to say no to outside commitments if you need time to study or to sleep.

Remember, especially now, as we recover from spring break and look forward to summer vacation, that in order to succeed, we must stay focused on our goals. Keep up the great work.

And stop fucking wasting my time in class with your idiotic comments.