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Does reverse discrimination run rampant at Mills?

When I first came to Mills College, I was surprised at the
number of lesbians. I came to the first day of school in a preppy
little outfit, and saw shaved heads and baggy pants. I felt out of
place. That’s what college is about though, trying something

I lived a sheltered life and had very little contact with the
gay community. Now I have adapted and made friends that have helped
me become comfortable around it.

I feel like I have grown a lot in the past few months. The
problem is, after doing my best to be accepting, open and polite to
those that are different than me, I feel like I’m the one being
discriminated against for being so mainstream.

I am being judged and rejected for being what some people think
of as a “typical girl”. Okay, so I wear Abercrombie and Fitch, and
I like guys. I shave my legs and I have long hair. I have gone to
frat parties, and sometimes when I’m excited with my friends I
scream and laugh loud enough for all of Founders to hear us. So

None of this behavior makes me less intelligent or less of a
person; I’m not a bimbo, and I’m not shallow. Why does this
behavior earn me this title? Of all places, Mills College should be
accepting of people that are different, right? Nope. It seems that
the same people who are quick to protest against stereotypes and
discrimination are just as eager to place me in a box. This reverse
discrimination infuriates me. Mills College is so rich in diversity
it seems like anyone would be able to fit in here. Sexual
orientation, political views, race, ethnicity, clothing brands
aside, we’re all people who deserve a chance, whether we fit into a
stereotype or not.