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DateMySchool exclusive for all

A new way for college students to date is online and boasts safety, selectivity, and exclusivity. The site DateMySchool allows undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and alumnae to sign up. The only way to sign up is by using an edu address. This is supposed to make the site more exclusive from “creepers” (who are they?) and people who haven’t gone to college (dumb people?).

However, alumni can also be a part of the site, which doesn’t really narrow down the dating pool too much except to a group of people who have at one time been associated with a school. You do get to choose who can see you and who you can choose from, their age, department, etc.

The site also says you get to choose the circle from which you find a possible date. This could be fitting for Mills where some of us are looking to date from outside the small, private community of mostly women. This site could connect you with beauties from local schools like UC Berkeley and San Francisco State.

While they claim to want to expand their LGBT user-base their video does little to be inclusive. The video, which is on the home page of their site, features only a girl searching for a guy.

And although it claims to “keep the creepers out”, there are creepers at every school, that’s just a part of life. So giving the user a sense of security that may be false is even more sketchy than using a site like OkCupid. In fact the only difference between the two is the edu requirement. Just remember to always stay aware that you can’t rely on others for your safety and that dating someone in college doesn’t mean a “safer” date. Sexual assault happens at colleges by students too.