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Dan Ryan takes senior pin award

Sociology professor Dan Ryan was presented with the Pearl M at the annual Senior Pin Dinner on Tuesday.

Ryan thanked students and Mills for his experience here. He quipped that he loves his job so much that he would it for free if he could be housed and fed.

Senior class president Nicole Urbach started the night by introducing interim chaplain Maud Steyaert, who gave the evening’s invocation. Then, over dinner, President Holmgren addressed the class and the nominees were presented.

This year, the nominees included Ryan, film studies professor Ken Burke, economics professor Nancy Thornborrow, assistant director of dining services Cheryl Stewart and assistant dean of students Liza Kuney. Kuney and Stewart had both been nominated in previous years.

Each nominee was introduced by a student who had built a special relationship with him or her during their time at Mills.

One theme that ran through all the introductions was that of mentorship. Each student pointed out that she had been challenged and helped to succeed because of the relationship with her nominee.

The Pearl M is given to one faculty, administration or staff member every year. The recipient is then invited to become an honorary member of the senior class.