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Cyclone tennis player Gwendolynn Fernstrom named Cyclone of the Week

First year Fernstrom excels on the court in singles play. (APER)
First year Fernstrom excels on the court in singles play. (APER)

Gwendolynn Fernstrom was recently awarded Cyclone of the week for her outstanding dedication and enthusiasm on the tennis team.

Fernstrom’s hard work and focus has helped her be the only player this season to have the most wins for the team: three singles matches.

“She has been standing out,” tennis Head Coach Amy Jensen said. “Her singles play has been fantastic.”

In her last match against Notre Dame de Numar, a division two team, Fernstrom made a comeback after falling behind in earlier sets. Fernstrom was described as being right on the edge of the cliff in her later sets and eventually ended with two tiebreaker sets.

“It’s hard to keep a player’s hopes up when the score is like this,” Assistant Coach Kim Neal said. “She keeps her head in the game and is focused.”

According to Jensen, Fernstrom has been known as for her “laser beam” shots that are described as very fast, straight shots down the court. Currently, Fernstrom is working on incorporating “Rainbow” shots which are higher, arched shots. By using a variety of laser beam and rainbow shots, Jenson said, “she will be hard to beat.”

At practice, Jensen describes that Fernstrom is always the first to arrive energized and ready to help out her teammates . Her willingness to coach other players is something that Jensen encourages from her players. Jensen describes Fernstrom as a strong player and true leader.

“She brings a lot of great ideas about sportsmanship and honoring the game and her opponents,” Jensen said

Fernstrom is excited to be selected as APER’s Cyclone of the Week. She will continue to practice her tennis skills for upcoming matches in this season.

“I’m really surprised because I never thought that I would get it,” Fernstrom said. “Go Cyclones!”