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Cyclone Spotlight

This week’s Cyclone spotlight is Chelsea Satterwhite, a senior Biology major who manages to balance a full schedule of classes as well as playing almost all three games of the first set of Mills Soccer.

Satterwhite has some impressive stats under her belt that equate to over 265 minutes of play just during this past weekend‘s set of games held in Southern California against Soka University, according to Elese Lebsack, Mills College’s Associate Athletic Director.

Satterwhite, a Bay Area Native hails from Mountain View and it’s not surprising that she’s been juggling hard sciences and sports since she was young.

As a Biology major and soccer player, she’s always been interested in both the academic challenges as well as the ones and those on the soccer field.

But Satterwhite is modest about her achievements. When asked about how long she’s been playing she quietly replied, “Thirteen years; since I was eight.”

Most of those 13 years of soccer included playing in highly competitive clubs which is a very different climate than fromthe Mills soccer team.

“I like the dynamic of the Mills soccer team, we’re basically all friends and family,” she said. “There’s always lots of laughs on the field.”

Lebsack said Satterwhite has a team-centric attitude on and off the field.

“She managed to make shots on goal, get back on defense, and create opportunities for her teammates. She brings energy to the field and team; certainly a key player for this past weekend’s games,” Lebsack said.

When she graduates with her Biology degree this spring, Satterwhite hopes to expand her lab experience as she figures out where she wants to attend graduate school.

Satterwhite said she is thinking about about coming back to Mills to continue her graduate studies due to the amazing time she’s had so far.

With interests and talents that stretch from Neurobiology to soccer and running, Satterwhite is a true Cyclone who exemplifies the importance in finding a good balance (between academics and health?).

She’s extremely excited to usher in a new season and wishes the success of her team and teammates on and off the soccer field. (awk – wishes her team and teammates success both on and off the field?)