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Cyclone Spotlight: Player steps up to new role

Sometimes doing your best for your team means stepping into a new role.This week’s Cyclone of the Week, senior Leslie Neill, has boosted her team’s performance dramatically by stepping out of her usual midfielder position and into the sweeper’s role.

Due to a friend’s death, the team’s usual sweeper has been absent for the past few games. Neill stepped in and filled the role beautifully, making many saves and preventing a shot on goal. The sweeper role isn’t always one that gets recognized, but it’s an essential role in keeping the opponent from scoring goals.

Neil playing against Holy Names University. (APER)
Neill playing against Holy Names University. (APER)

Head Coach Colette Bowler said Neil has been a team player for all four years that she has played on the Mills soccer team.

“Leslie is amazing,” said Bowler. “She’s committed, dedicated and very talented.”

Neil is currently in the 4 + 1 child development program and despite taking a large class load has still stayed consistent and dedicated as a team captain.

You can watch Neil and the Mills soccer team one last time on Nov. 4 at 4 p.m. when they play Simpson University at home.