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Cyclone of the Week: Tayla Muise

(Kurt Loeffler)

Tayla Muise, 19 and a first year at Mills, can most likely be found playing soccer on the field on campus.

Born in Ojai, California, Muise has been playing soccer since she was eight years old. In high school, she attended Villanova Preparatory School, a Catholic boarding and day school. Muise decided to go to Mills because she wanted to attend a college that had a sports team. The small class sizes were an added bonus, and reminded Muise of Villanova Prep, where everyone knew each other.

Muise is settling in to life on campus nicely, dedicating her time to both studying and playing soccer.

“School and soccer are pretty much my life,” said Muise, who has spent over ten years as part of a tightly-knit group of pe0ple.

Muise appreciates the closeness of her and her current teammates.

“I like this year’s team, the way it’s built and the way the coaches interact,” she said.  “I think we all get along and play
well together.”

According to Mills’ Associate Director of Athletics, Elese Lebsack, Muise has been a starting player on the field for most games so far this season. In a recent soccer match, Muise was substituted in as goalkeeper only a quarter of the way into the game.

“I thought she was an amazing goalie for not warming up as a goalie,” said Corvia Jones, a fellow first-year student, soccer player and Muise’s friend.

However, playing goalie is nothing unusal for Muise, who also regularly plays defense.

“I pretty much go wherever the coach wants me,” Muise said.

Although she is incredibly busy with her responsibilities as both a student and a soccer player, Muise still knows how to have fun.

“Soccer gives me enough free time to hang out with people and do stuff, like go to the movies,” Muise said.

“And sleep,” she added with a laugh.  “Sleep is very important.”