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Cyclone of the Week: Diana Cuellar

(Courtesy of APER)
(Courtesy of APER)

Diana Cuellar is this week’s choice for Cyclone of the Week! Diana Cuellar is well deserving of the title and Allie Fox, Coordinator for Athletics Communications and Compliance, shared a glowing report of Cuellar’s athletic prowess.

“Hard work and determination have helped Diana Cuellar improve tremendously, earning her the Cyclone Sportlight,” said Fox through an email. Cuellar, a junior, is beginning her second year on the cross country team and is already beginning to shine.

At this past Saturday’s Cross Country Invitational, she competed in her first race of the season and completed the 6k course four minutes and thirty seconds faster than her previous year’s time. This success dropped her mile pace by an average of one minute and fifteen seconds. According to Allie Fox, Cuellar’s head coach Cindy Olavarri has stated that Cuellar is “still improving by leaps and bounds, so look for her to achieve more personal best times this season.”

“Cross country is great,” Cuellar said. “I love my team. Coach Cindy is great. My teammates are supportive and encouraging and they are the people that I am closest to,” Cuellar also noted that she likes the trails they run, specifically the Sequoia-Bayview Trail.

Having started cross country last year at the beginning of the season, Cruellar didn’t have any previous background in sports, other than going to the gym. But now, she says, “Cross Country is an essential part of my life. It gives me structure and keeps me healthy.”