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Cyclone of the Week: Alice Hewitt

(Photo courtesy of Kurt Loeffler)
(Photo courtesy of Kurt Loeffler)

Junior Alice Hewitt is this week’s Cyclone of the Week. Alice has put a lot of extra work into her game, both mentally and physically, and it is coming through in her match play.

This past weekend against Division II Holy Names University, Alice was the last one on the court, still in her first set trailing 3-4, when the rest of the team had finished their singles matches. She came back to win that set 6-4, lost the second one 6-2, and lost the tiebreaker 10-4. Alice played with intention, focus and fight.

Head Coach, Loke Davis said, “I respect her for taking ownership of her game and putting in the work to grow mentally. At the beginning of the season she had said that she wanted the team to be remembered for their fight, that she wanted people to say, “Those Mills girls really put it out on the court,” and she embodied that in her play.”

Cyclone of the week is provided by APER’s Allie Fox.