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Cyclone of the week

(Photo by APER) Pintel has been on the team since her first year.
(Photo by APER) Pintel has been on the team since her first year.

Dalia Pimentel’s dedication, passion and leadership both on and off the soccer field have earned her the title of Cyclone of the Week—an honorable title given to an outstanding student athlete each week.

Pimentel  has been on the soccer team since her first year at Mills, and she calls the experience “without a doubt, the best part of [her] college experience.” Playing the sport for most of her life has given Pimentel her love for the sport, but working with her teammates at Mills has helped her grow and even gain more love for herself.

According to the Cyclones website, Pimentel is a “guiding presence to the new transfers and first years.” Teammate Jessica Wong expressed her appreciation for Pimentel, saying that “she was welcoming from the moment I joined the team and pushes me during practice and games to be a better player.”

Both Wong and soccer Coach Lilia Dosalmas have observed Pimentel’s strong leadership qualities.

“I am so excited that Dalia was recognized as the Cyclone of the week,” said Dosalmas. 

Dosalmas is impressed by Pimentel’s endless hard work and responsibility in balancing her athletic career with her academic and work life.

“She is trusty, strong and has great vision on the field,” Dosalmas said. “She understands the impact of courage and grit on athletic ability, and always brings those two things with her every she goes.”

Pimentel is a senior at Mills College and is majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. A Bay Area native, Pimentel grew up in nearby in San Leandro. She has been on the soccer team during each of her years at Mills, and has seen the team grow and change.

Pimentel attributes much of this growth to her coach, Dosalmas, who has been an “inspiring and hard working figure to look up to.” In turn, Dosalmas credits Pimentel, saying that “she has been a huge part of the monumental growth the soccer program has experienced and will graduate leaving a lasting impact on the program.”

Pimentel will undoubtedly leave a strong legacy at Mills, something expressed by Dosalmas. Once she has graduated, Pimentel is considering completing an MFA program.

One if Pimentel’s favorite soccer memories is of a past game at Santa Cruz in which she and her teammates cried tears of happiness after winning.

“Overall,” she said, “I have deep love and appreciation for the team and my time here with them every season.”