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Crew Seniors Row, Row, Row Toward Graduation – Vicki Harris

Mills College Weekly

Speaking directly:

“Crew just gets in your blood.”

On Crew:

She is both a rower and coxswain for the varsity team. Looking
into other clubs like the SF Bay Blades and Lake Merritt Rowing
Club to stay involved in the sport after graduation.

After Mills:

Plans on grad school, and will definitely be back for alumnae
events. Hopes to get an MBA in a few years and become an art
collector and professional dealer.

What the coach said:

Vicki Harris has been with the team for three years. She was
both a coxswain and rower and did both very well. She is a true
leader in every sense of the word as well as a great athlete and
person. Vicki brings a sense of integrity and dedication to this
team that is truly valued and will be greatly missed. Crew won’t be
the same with her gone.