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Course schedule shifts

Classes will meet on different days at the end of the semester to make up for class hours lost to holidays for the first time in Mills history.

In spring semester 2002, the academic standing committee introduced the new class schedule using the last week of each semester to make up for missed classes which fell on holidays.

Professor Ken Burke, chairman of the academic standing committee, said the old schedule had some classes meeting on more days than others.

“Our goal is to give every class time the same opportunity,” said Burke. “The only way to do that is to schedule extra days to make up for the holidays.”

Burke said that in fall semesters, four days are missed: Labor Day on Monday, the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving and another Friday because of the mid-semester break holiday.

According to Burke the schedule is as follows: Monday classes will be held on Monday, Thursday classes will be held on Tuesday, and Friday classes will be held on both Wednesday and Thursday.

By changing the schedule in this way, all classes will have the full 14 weeks and 2100 minutes allotted to them by Mills. This will also give students two reading days, said Burke.

The change was not known to many students and caused some last minute changes for assignments, but students approve.

I only heard about it because my professor changed all the due dates [for papers],” said sophomore Riana Shaw. “I’m OK with it. It doesn’t really affect me.”

Junior Julia Booz Ullrey also said she didn’t know about the schedule change.

“I’m OK with it,” said Ullrey. “I’d like to get the most out of my bucks.”

Hispanic studies professor Hector Mario Cavallari will be able to make up his Thursday class missed on Thanksgiving with the new scheduling.

“Personally, in my case, the particular structure of this schedule has not affected me negatively,” said Cavallari.

In addition to making up for holidays, the new schedule has brought back Saturday finals.

“We have Saturday finals because we needed five days for finals so there wouldn’t be more than three finals a day,” said Burke.

Saturday finals were required in order to fit two readings days, said Burke.

The new schedule allows the school year to begin at the same time in August without having to start early.

It makes sense, it’s better than starting earlier in August,” said sophomore Nicole Johnson.

The new schedule also allows faculty and students a month for winter break, said Burke.

Next semester, the last week of classes will also be used to make up days for Monday holidays.

These include President’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

These classes will be held on Monday and Tuesday.