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Confessions of a grad student | Coming back and what happens next

It’s the start of a new school year, and my final year as a M.A candidate at Mills. As I’m writing this, it’s really starting to sink in that I’m graduating in the spring. It reminds me that I have so much to do this year and have to prepare for post-grad life. Usually, I would be taking out my stress on my keyboard, venting my thoughts and anxieties about grad school; but, I feel like everything will be fine.

The last time I wrote for this column, I was balancing two internships, two jobs, three courses, and was on the verge of insomnia, stress and weight gain. Honestly, I didn’t think I could pull through last semester with all that I was balancing. Hence, the reason I was wondering whether to throw in the towel and admit that all that I was doing was too much for me, or to suck it up and pull through.

What’s changed this time? Well, since my last installment, I left both internships, choosing to focus solely on my education, health and well-being. I still have my position at The Campanil and my on-campus job, yet I still have a desire to work another job. To answer the questions I asked earlier, I admit…I was doing a bit much to keep up with my goals as a grad student, writer and woman. Now, I don’t consider it as giving up anymore; it’s knowing my limit and when to take care of myself instead. I feel more peaceful, even though it’s only the beginning of the year. My state of mind might change once I seriously start work for classes, but at least I’ll know when to admit I’m overworking and to take care of myself.

If that’s not one thing I’ve learned to take with me through this new year of adventures and studies, then I would put myself through all of the stress all over again. And if I do get a bit stressed, I have to remind myself that I have great friends on and off campus, an awesome partner and my wild family to talk about it with.