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Changes on campus irritate returning Fools

Three stop signs, no parking spaces, freshwomen in Olney and Cal students in Mary Morse… Where has little old Mills gone and what’s with all of the changes?

Summer has flown away and here we are back in the heat and glare of good California weather. Things have changed as they are bound to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t complain and ask for the good old times back.

We live off campus now and this means a daily drive down the now torturous avenue of white lines and red signs that no one wants to look at, and having to stop a few dozen times at a few added stop signs because there used to be a problem with pedestrians crossing Richards Road (think walking from Haas to the Concert Hall). College students must have a harder time walking than we had thought. Or maybe they were just preparing for the new Cal students that were going to be around. (Just kidding). Either way, housing management must know about a few more problems on Richards road than we do.

And then there’s the problem of finding a place to leave your car. With the advent of new students and thus new cars, parking spaces are sorely lacking. One might think the lack of parking spaces is a new problem to us now that we are commuting students. Thinking back though, there sure weren’t any parking spaces near the dorms last year, either.

Speaking of those new students, did anyone else notice the abundance of freshwoman near Olney?

Yep, the freshwomen are now housed in Olney. While great for them (a newly renovated building, an elevator-which was great for the girls with U-hauls full of various furniture and other dorm room articles-and DSL), the change is altogether strange for those of us who know that freshwomen are traditionally housed in Mary Morse.

That’s just how it was: freshmen lived in Mary Morse. The freshman song even says that they live in Mary Morse.

The whole song is almost worthless now, and we all know how important the song is to Mills’ traditions and history. Since there are no freshmen housed in Mary Morse, you may be wondering who is living up the hill; a few continuing students and rumor has it, Cal students too. Yes, there are now men in Mary Morse.

Change is good, change is natural, it just seems that on Mills’ 150 year anniversary, a couple of things could have remained the way they were before.