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Career Center has resources, answers

Tara and the Editorial author gave the Career Center a large presence in the October 10th edition of The Weekly. Though the articles did not present us in a positive light, they provide an opportunity to clarify perceptions and address their experience.

Tara, you are right about several things-

Sitting in front of a computer using the Internet is not job placement. The career Center is not a placement center and the Internet is a tool.

Things (jobs) do not just fall into your lap. (Especially, in this economy.)

December grads wanting to work after graduation should be looking and applying now.

Your mother was right to encourage your attendance at Mills. You did receive an outstanding education here. (Employers do recognize Mills.)

My suggestions:

Make an appointment with one of us in the Career Center. Here you will get personalized attention, tips, contacts and walk away with many resources that will make your job search more productive.

Research the current state of the job market and be realistic about the type of job and salary you can expect. You are competing with seasoned professionals as well as first time job seekers.

Editorial author. You are also right about several things in your article.

We do advertise that we help students with finding internships and highly recommend them for the experience and contacts.

We do spend time showing you how to find them using the database because that is where they are listed. (We also connect you with other opportunities, including referrals to alumnae and we often pick up the phone and call organizations you may be interested in to see if an internship is available, even though it isn’t listed.)

There are four forms required for credit internships. (The number of signatures varies, depending on whether or not your advisor is also the department chair and there are even more forms, described below.)

My suggestions:

Schedule an appointment for personalized to your specific internships interests and other concerns. If you come into the Career Resource Center you may be alone to do your search because the staffing in the Center is limited.

If you have issues with the forms and signatures required when filing for an internship, present your concerns in writing to the Academic Standing Committee (a group of faculty).

The Career Center provides the forms and guidelines that have been mandated by the Academic Standing Committee.

If you are still reading, I want to tell you how I really feel about the two articles.

Today the Career Center received the brunt of your frustration. I wonder which office, department or individual will be next.

In the classroom you are learning critical thinking, research and investigative skills Use these skills in your job and internship search, when writing articles for the newspaper, or when expressing your opinions in public.

These articles are an example of undue criticism, not critical thinking. If you do not understand a process or procedure, if you are frustrated and need help, talk to people instead of attacking them.

The staff in my office work very hard everyday to do just the right thing, to present things in just the right way, to find the best way to deliver what we do, and to understand what you need and want.

At the end of every semester we evaluate what we did, work toward doing more, better (usually with less), and begin again with renewed enthusiasm and commitment.

Frankly, I think you should send a note of appreciation to staff in every department at Mills College.

The majority has advanced degrees, work in jobs with little to no opportunity for promotion at modest salaries because they love working with students and are committed to Mills.

In this regard, they also have an investment in your education.