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CAPS support groups

Feelings are difficult. Sometimes they crop up out of nowhere, when we least expect or want them. They can depend on a lot of things, which can make even familiar feelings tough to navigate. But as debilitating as they can be, Mills College Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) wants its students to know they don’t have to go through them alone.

Beginning in October, CAPS will be hosting two support groups at Mills. Each support group addresses a different type of emotional support. Students can sign up for the Managing Strong Emotions group, which focuses on navigating emotions day-to-day and in relationships. Triggers and Triumphs is the other support group option. It meets in support of sexual assault survivors and offers community for members to share their stories with others similarly affected.

Sign up for the support groups runs until Friday, Sept. 29. Students interested in participating in either or both groups should email CAPS at or visit the Cowell Front Desk. Information can also be found by calling the front desk at (510) 430-2130.