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Build-a-Butt Workshop

With all of the Kardashians in the world, it can feel as though you need to have a huge butt in order to be considered beautiful.  And while every body is gorgeous, many people are still going to great lengths to obtain this media-famous figure.

If you’re looking to tone or build your derrière, it’s time to hop into “Build-a-Butt Workshop.”

First thing’s first: It’s important to know what your goals are with your backside.  If you’re looking to tone the muscles, you should perform gluteal exercises with your body weight, or a small set of weights between 8-12 pounds, with high repetitions. High repetitions usually means 15-20 reps in a set.  Doing this helps to build muscle, but it also keeps the muscle long and lean.

On the other hand, if you’re focused on building your butt and adding mass, you should perform glute exercises with heavier weights (15-25 pounds) and fewer reps, as in 8-10.  This type of regimen helps to build larger, bulkier muscles.

Now that we’ve established what your possible goals are, it’s time to pick out the exercises to help get you the end result you want.  Here are three of the most common exercises for building your glutes:

  1. Squats
Squats, lunges, and glue bridges are the best exercise to strengthen and tone your glutes. (Marisa Tangeman)
Squats, lunges, and glue bridges are the best exercise to strengthen and tone your glutes. (Marisa Tangeman)

Squats are universally upheld as one of the most important exercises. Think of them as the “heart” you choose at “Build-a-Butt Workshop.” Squats are considered a compound movement that help to strengthen multiple major muscles such as the quads, hamstrings and most importantly, the glutes.

To perform the exercise, begin with just your body weight.  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your toes pointed forward.

Next, breathe in and hinge your body at your hips, sitting back and squatting down. Stop descending when your butt is parallel with your knees. You may need a friend or a mirror to notice this.

Pause at the bottom of the movement and as you come back up, push through your heels and breathe out. Repeat.

Be mindful of your knees turning inward or pushing too far outward.  You can point your toes outward slightly to help your range of motion.  If squatting with weight , start with a lower weight to perfect your form before adding more on.  Form is important to insure zero injuries.

  1. Lunges
(Marisa Tangeman)
(Marisa Tangeman)

Lunges are great for toning and strengthening your hamstrings and quads, while simultaneously focusing on your glutes.

To perform lunges start with an upright position and step your left leg forward (not too far) and lower your body down until your left knee is bent at a right angle and your right leg is behind you. Keep your front knee above or slightly behind your toes, never pass your toes with your knees.

As you come back up, switch your right leg forward into the same position as your left leg. Keep your chest up and your neck neutral to support your back and spine as you perform these.

  1. Glute Bridges

Glute bridges work wonders for targeting your upper hamstrings and the lower part of your glutes.  Perform these slowly and carefully to keep your back safe.

(Marisa Tangeman)
(Marisa Tangeman)

To perform them, start out by lying flat on your back.  Bend your knees with your feet on the floor (like a sit-up starting position).

Keep your shoulders on the ground and lift your hips until they are in line with your thighs.  Pause at the top of the movement and really squeeze your glutes. Return your lower back and butt slowly to the start position and then repeat.

For an added challenge, place one foot on the ground in the start position, lift the other leg straight into the air and push up from the foot on the floor.  Single leg bridges really target each individual cheek.

Now, from your trip through the Workshop, you should be able to perform a few exercises, with proper form, to help you achieve a better looking butt.  Happy building.