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Bon Appetit reinvents its menus

Bon Appetit has made extensive changes to its menus around campus in an attempt to provide the Mills community with homemade meals.

According to Jason Landau, the General Manager of Mills’ Bon Appetit Services, the Tea Shop is now making all of its food from scratch.

“Even the pickles are homemade” said Landau.

An example of what Bon Appetit is serving. (Lauren Sliter)

While much of the Deli menu remains the same, a few signature items have been added.

Due to previous problems with long lines of students wanting their morning coffee, the Tea Shop has hired a barista to work exclusively at the espresso machine from 7 until 10 in the morning, according to Landau.

Cafe Suzie’s has also updated its menu, now replacing its previously crepe heavy menu with homemade soups and salads. Students have the option of enjoying their soup in a bread bowel.

“The soups are good” said Mackenzie Bean, a sophomore at Mills.

To accompany the soups and salads, Cafe Suzie’s is also selling 5 different kinds of chai as well as shaken ice teas.

According to Landau, it has been 3 years since the menus have changed on campus.

“It has been a long time” he said. His preference is to update the menus every couple of years.

Another reason for the changes was affordability. While the Tea Shop carries more expensive “meals” that come with a side, customers can also purchase single items, such as the Junior Burger, for less.

“We tried to make things less expensive” said Landau. “If you need something inexpensive, we have that everywhere now.”

Despite these efforts, many students miss certain items from the old menus.

“I’m really upset that there are no veggie burgers” said sophomore Lynora Garner.

Other items that are missed are the sweet potato fries and the crepes from Cafe Suzie’s.