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Body Language: The Campanil’s new sex column


Hello my darlings,

I’m your on campus sexpert. I’m sure some of you sexy someones are dying to know how I can help you. I’m here to unpack all of your dirty little secrets. Anything you’d like to know about sex, health resources, and relationships: I got you.

Your comfort comes before anyone else does–if you know what I’m sayin’. Ask yourself what you want, then let yourself have it.

Take care of yourself and your delicate little friends. We have an on campus Community Health Resource Center located in the Cowell Building. Those pretty little things in the platinum wrappers will keep you and your partner(s) safe along the way.

If you have any questions or possible topics for me, don’t be afraid to send me something sexy at You can never be too sexy, because it’s all between you and me. I’ll never yuck your yum, so feel assured you can join this sexy party without hearing any judgement. It’s all completely anonymous, so don’t be shy!

Remember, my darlings, safe and consensual are the magic words–wherever that magic should happen.

Stay sexy,


I’ll never tell  😉