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Bock after Lee’s position in Congress

Audie Bock is running against Barbara Lee for her seat as California’s

representative for district nine.

“It’s OK to love America,” Bock said. “I believe that national unity is the

most important sentiment we must project around the world.”

Her campaign argues that Lee’s vote of dissent on Sept. 14 is a vote

against bringing the perpetrators to justice, and that it does not represent

her constituents.

Bock said Lee does not represent all of ninth district, and that in fact only a

small percentage of her constituents feel he same as her on many items

surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks. Not all of the ninth district “hates

American and asserts that the savagery we suffered was our country’s

fault,” Bock said.

However, Bock admitted that she was one of the first to call and

congratulate Lee on her vote. She said she made the congratulatory call

before she understood the full meaning of the vote.

Bock was the first Green Party member in the country to be elected to

state office. She served as California State Assemblywoman. She then left

the Green Party and became and independent. Currently she is a

registered Democrat.