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BLOG | What Hollywood is doing (surprisingly) right: Willow Smith

A screenshot from Willow Smith's 21st Century Girl music video. (Courtesy of Roc Nation LLC, Youtube)

I finally found the time to sit down and watch rising 10 year old child pop star Willow Smith‘s newest music video, 21st Century Girl (Video below). I’m not going to lie, I was waiting on bated breath the entire way through — just panicking about how sexual Willow might come off. But that part never came…which stunned me to say the least.

Not to say I wasn’t tremendously relieved but whoa, what happened? I thought for sure I was going to see some inappropriate scenes of booty-shaking, seductive lip-biting or gratuitous crotch and cleavage shots. Okay, just to clarify, I wasn’t watching the video for THOSE specific things (because I’ve been a huge unrepentant fan of Willow’s since the beginning) but come on! After being exposed to countless upon countless of music videos where women and girls are sexually exploited, it seems unlikely that any video could be filmed without some ol’ boob bouncing — just playing to the male eye. It’s actually to be expected, as though it’s every commercial filmmaker’s number one rule at film school.

And yet here is Willow Smith, rocking her heart out, whipping her hair back and forth, performing like I would have if I was her age and had the money, talents and spunk to pull it off.

All that being said, it begs the question: OMG, is — is Hollywood being responsible for once?

I mean, just look at her clothes: long, bulky (especially on her shoulders) and colorful as heck. They cover up almost everything except for her cute face and arms. Absent are the low-cut shirts and skin-tight barely-there outfits that show off curves or legginess, this unique attire just makes her look like a really cool, stylish kid (which I think she is). Even the skirts and leggings that her extras wear are pretty adorable and fun nary a perverted up-skirt camera view.

Also, the song lyrics to 21st Century Girl are, phew, age-appropriate as well. They’re not exactly ground-breaking and can be found in a lot of other “rebellious” pop songs, but that’s okay. At least a 10 year old girl isn’t singing about pleasing a man sexually or objectifying herself and can still be a kid a little longer.

You can watch her video below:

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