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BLOG | Let us see Pelosi!

It was a big victory for many Americans when health care reform passed this past Sunday. For me, I can’t help but feel even more excited about attending the 122nd Commencement with Nancy Pelosi as our speaker on Saturday, May 15. I really hope she brings her giant gavel to show us. It would be really awesome if she swung it above her head, too.

I’m not graduating, but as the Online Editor, I’ll be livestreaming her speech for the rest of Mills College and anyone else interested to see. I am disappointed, however, that many of my classmates will not be able to attend the live event.

Non-graduating students are required to move out of their residence halls the day BEFORE Commencement on Friday, May 14. Already many of my classmates are booking their flights back home and are missing this great opportunity to see Pelosi, who was called “the most powerful Speaker of the House in the last 100 years” during an interview with Diane Sawyer.

Commencement is “herstory” in the making. For such an important guest, why hasn’t the College pushed the moving date to the day after graduation? Even if Pelosi is not their speaker, why can’t non-graduating students see their friends and classmates receive their diploma?

What do you readers think about all this? Give us your honest opinions and comments.