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BLOG | In the city lights

I spent my semester planning a trip to Las Vegas with my two best friends, Cheryl and Ashley. We have been friends since orientation week of our first year here at Mills, so we thought one big vacation was the best way to spend our last Spring Break together.

We drove eight long hours from Mills and stayed at the Stratosphere hotel at the end of the strip. It had a beautiful view of the city in the tower and a rooftop pool complete with giant beer pong games and a bar.

Saturday was the best day ever! We slept until the late afternoon, had a simple breakfast in our room, then headed to the pool. The pool was so huge, but shallow throughout. I suppose drunk folks and deep waters aren’t the best idea. We chilled in the pool for a little, but it was way too cold for us to handle! We ended up relaxing in the jacuzzi and thought about what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.

We went to a nail salon, and I got my claws back! Painted a sexy ruby red, just to set the tone for the night.  I sat away from Cheryl and Ashley, who suspiciously were avoiding eye contact and clearly talking about something. After we were finished I asked where we were going. Cheryl mumbled and refused to answer. I figured I’d eventually figure it out so I got over it.

We end up at this cute Korean BBQ spot, and I asked what we were doing (since we had previously discussed eating at the hotel).

“We’re congratulating you on getting into Columbia,” Cheryl told me.

My friends are sneaky snakes who know how to hit me in the feels. I was so excited. We ate until we were too full for words. The food was too delicious! We shared pork belly, beef and more pork!

Afterwards, we headed to the New York, New York hotel and watched “Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity.” It’s a dance show with acrobats and the theme was sex and eroticism. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to record anything. Although, to be fair, photos couldn’t do the elegance and overwhelming sexiness of the performers any justice.

Once again, Cheryl surprised me. She left the show and came back with a huge margarita. I left the show pretty drunk. Before we left the hotel, we rode the Big Apple roller coaster. Surprisingly, I had no desire to throw up after.

We headed back to the Stratosphere for more drinks  and to get ready for the club. We didn’t leave until after 1 a.m. and headed to 1 Oak, a night club in the Mirage hotel. We had so much fun! We got into the VIP section, and I did a little dance on the stripper pole for everyone. They loved me!

We continued to work the room and hung out with some new friends outside of the strip who we met at 1 Oak. It turns out they were all from my hometown.

Our night didn’t end until closer to 7 a.m. the next morning. So naturally, we spent the rest of the day sleeping and watching tv.

I think we did Vegas right, don’t you?