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BLOG | Girls Nights Out: Glamour, Friendship and Empowerment

Cross-posted from Tymeesa Rutledge’s personal blog, Tiny Tee’s BIG small World.

From left to right: Britney Gastino, Lala Anthony, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, Kim K. and Ciara. (All photos courtesy of @NecoleBitchie, @KimK on Twitter)

During my daily gossip/entertainment blog visits, I ran across a blog post about a Girls’ Night Out with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ciara, LaLa, Serena Williams and Britney Gastineau. This clan can be spotted on lunch and dinner dates with each other as well as getaways.

Mainstream media rarely shows female celebrities being friends with one another. Instead, the media portrays celebrity women as catty, bitter or jealous of one another. Women can get along with one another and don’t always compete over guys.

I believe that spending time with people that accept you for who you are is important.

But, in order to have people that accept you, you must accept and know yourself. It can be a challenge to be a good friend, if you aren’t a friend to yourself.Yes, I am talking about self-love and self-esteem. If you love yourself then you can love others. If you hate yourself and are not accepting of who you are then you won’t have friends. Personally, I don’t befriend “Debbie Downers.” Basically, if you are happy with yourself than you can be open to having happy and healthy friendships. I am not saying that friendships are easy. But they are worth it when you have good people.

Photos taken from @NecoleBitchie @KimK’s Twitter accounts.

What was your best Girls’ Night Out adventure? Let everyone know by leaving a comment below!