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ACP 2011 | Day Two Down!

It’s been a fun fueled day of conference, coffee, and lots of escalator riding.

The morning started out with the usual cup and I was off to check out the paper exchange table, where colleges bring a stack of their paper and leave it on a table for other attendees to read.

There were huge stacks of papers from all over the country and it was interesting to see all the different styles of newspapers being published. The wide range of papers included some interesting and inspiring publications.

After mulling through exchange table I made way to my first session: Fundamental News Design. All I can say is that I feel really inspired by all the talk of stylistic designs, typography (YES!) and layout we got to talk about at the session.

I ended up going to all the design-oriented session offered today and I learned a lot. It really got me motivated to step up my game and keep pushing the limits of the paper, stylistically.

What I liked the best was when Randy Stano (University of Miami), who is a total typography nerd and a veteran design editor, told everyone that we should push the limits and experiment when designing since this is the time and place to do so. With Day Two behind me I already have so many ideas whirling in my head and can’t wait to experiment.

Day Three, I hope you’re going to be as motivating.

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