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BLOG | Congratulations to the winners of the Mills’ Writing Contest

Congratulations to all the winners of the Mills College’s English Department’s Writing Contest! We want to shine a spotlight on the three Campanil editors who have won prizes:

Journalism Prize for Excellence in Reporting and Writing

1st Place: Lauren Soldano, Opinions Editor
Honorable Mention: Bonnie Horgos, Sports and Health Editor

Ardella Mills Prize for Literary Composition

Undergraduate Fiction: Tara Nelson, Editor in Chief

Other big contest winners include:

Mary Merritt Henry Prize for a Group of Poems

Undergraduate Poetry: Jackqueline Frost

Graduate Poetry: Aichlee Bushnell
Honorable Mention: Lyall Harris

Ardella Mills Prize for Literary Composition


Fiction Honorable Mention: Ashley Shaffer

Creative Nonfiction: Veronica Philipsborn
Honorable Mention: Jules Shendelman

Critical Essay: Kristen Skjonsby


Fiction: Mia DeBono

Creative Nonfiction: Shareena Clark
Honorable Mention: Shay Belisle

Critical Essay: Jennifer Massoni

Marion Hood Boess Haworth Prize Fiction
for Children & Young Adults

Undergraduate YA prize: Learkana Chong

Graduate YA prize: Sara McInerney
Honorable Mention: Shareena Clark

English 001 Essay Prize

(For an essay written in English 001 class for either Spring/Fall 2010)

Eng 001 Prize: Lora Chau Davis
Honorable Mention: Marita Fodor

Great job, everyone!

The following awards will be presented at the Academic Awards Convocation on Monday, April 25, 2011 at 4 p.m. in the Littlefield Concert Hall.

For more information about the Awards Convocation, you can contact the Provost at